Boots…its almost time

Its that time of year…start assessing your boots.  Fall is the perfect time to pull them back out after your summer hiatus!  Riding boots, knee highs, thigh highs if you dare, and whatever else tickles your fancy!  Since my knee high staples look like they have been through a garbage disposal from months of wear and tear last year…I am scoping out these:





Plus since its back to school time…lots of great sales!  And while you are out checking out boots, take advantage on end of summer clearance shoes…never too early to get cracking on next year’s sandals and wedges!  The clearance price will let you try out trends with out getting too expensive…


Oh, the Temptation

These are indeed drool-worthy.  Forever have I been looking for a beautiful blue pump and one with s-strap – plus on sale from

Whew…I hope I can control myself, or talk myself into the them.  Oh, the inner turmoil is overwhelming.  C’mon, these shoes are very versatile, beautiful color, will stay on with the strap, gret heel height, and only $30 on sale.  Michael Antonio’s Lux Platform Pump in Navy…it would be that pop of color without being obnoxious and loud.  A subtle pop, if you will.

Choices, decisions, choices, decisions…what say you?

Ahhhh, More Wet Feets

So, apparently winter in Cleveland this year is going to be rain, rain, and more rain…might as well move back to Seattle at this point.  At least I had a mountain to look at.  I am thoroughly over the wet feet phenomenon and sick of ruining cute shoes if I even risk wearing them.

Here are some tips for saving your nice leathers shoes (harder with the fun colored shoes)

  1. Assess the water damage. Take your shoes off immediately. Remove shoelaces. If  the shoes are only partially wet, dampen the entire shoe to eliminate the  possibility of a waterline.
  2. Remove winter salt stains. If salt and dirt stains are present on the wet leather, mix equal parts of water and vinegar and lightly sponge shoes. Wipe shoes down with clean white cloth before drying. If untreated, salt stains can  become permanent and not all that attractive…but then again, you may have to buy some new shoes…oh, the agony.
  3. Stuff shoes to remove wetness trapped inside. Insert paper towels or old socks into the wet shoes.
  4. Wet leather shoes require 24 hours to dry completely. If still not dry, put more dry stuffing in and put over the vent of the heater-if its like my house it isn’t that warm and the short cycle of ‘warmth’ may speed up the process.

Or you can just buy some cute rain boots, and if that still doesn’t work, move to Florida or a tropical place.

A Frenzied Friday

So, tis the season for shopping, right?  I hope you are all taking advantage of the great offers for everyone on your beloved list, ok, for yourself…its all on sale.  If you sign up for e-offers and likes on Facebook, you get clued into some really awesome sales and special codes for online stores like Steve Madden, DSW, and Zappos.  Plus most are doing daily giveaways and deals…like Endless has been doing a different sale everyday -the 12 days of deals.

So, get your ass in gear and take advantage of the holiday cheer being spread throughout December.  C’mon, we all know you are going to buy yourself anyways…its human nature.  Make it a great pair of on-sale SHOES!

Plus wouldn’t you like to own these for a steal:

Seasons shopping, shew-sies!

Monday, again…

So its Monday again, happens about every seven days or so.  What makes Mondays even worse now is that its dark out and its cold outside the bed…grrrrrr.  So needless to say its time to do a Monday moaning.

If you cannot walk in high heels, perhaps you should practice or not wear them?  Do these people realize that aren’t walking pretty?  We have all seen them – tipping forward a bit with knees slightly bent or the ones who are semi-balancing themselves with their arms stretched out.  Or even better, the tiniest of steps trying to click-clack their way somewhere…or the ones that take 7 minutes to walk down a flight of stairs.

Check out this video if you don’t what I mean:

It’s painful to watch but perhaps you should practice a bit?  Trust me, people notice!  For instance, if I can’t trot in my shoes, I am not wearing them…what if you need to catch up with someone or need to run for your life?  Also, my house has the perfect runway hallway to practice from door to door…or while you are still in the store.  Don’t be embarrassed – EVERYONE’S DOING IT!

Some star tips:

Start small. If you’ve never walked in high heels before, don’t start out learning with 5 inch stilettos – that’s a recipe for pain and maybe even injury! Try something smaller, like a 2 inch heel or wedge to get used to the feeling. You can always work your way up to your most killer heels.

Walk heel to toe, not toe to heel. While it might be tempting to put your whole foot down at once, don’t do it – it makes your walk look strange when you’re wearing high shoes. Instead, put your heel down first, followed by your toe. This will give you more balance and make your stride look more natural.

Alright, Happy Mondaying to all!  I leave you with these parting beauties (orange for Halloween fun):

New Addition to the Family

Friday night was low-key for Lord DB and I…went out for pizza, tried not to fight this other family, got some free pizza cause our order was wrong and went to look at small kitchen tables.  We went to a couple of stores then Lord DB makes another turn and there is one of my Mecca’s:  DSW!  It was like taking a kid to a candy store, or a teenage boy to a dirty magazine shop.  He went to the mens side, I to the womens.  I was in search of brown pumps to replace my well-worn ones.  After a handful of try ons, I went back to check on him and he found a couple of pairs of browns himself.  He tried some on, strutted his stuff, and picked out a winner.  “Pick me out a winner, Bobby.”  That he did-very nice stuff.

He then inquires, “Did you find anything?”  Um, not here, silly boy, only about a dozen pairs.  It came down to a beautiful pair of Madden Girl deep red heels as I would naughty librarian shoes with the sex strap and all vs. a pair of Katie & Kelly Candy grey pumps also with the sex strap.  I know, I know – neither were brown but these were better.

The greys prevailed…we had input from an old friend we ran into and I was convinced.  Made our purchases, got my free, previously mentioned Rumer Tote, and went on our merry shoe way.

Of course I couldn’t wait long to wear these new treats…wore them to Church on Sunday with a black skirt and light grey sweater.  Amazingly comfortable while standing for about two hours…couldn’t believe it!  I may have found a new brand to lust over if all of their shoes are made like this!

Thank you, DSW, for this fabulous find!

And for those who may be asking what the sex strap is, it means they will stay on in all instances…ahem.