Back in Heels

So, I know its been quite some time but I have been not been too worried about my own shoes but rather shoes more like this:

and like these:

Lord DB and I welcomed a laid back little boy nicknamed Squirmy D in June.  And I finally think I am ready to trade in my comfy flip-flops for high heels so again I will be instilling my shoe wisdom on you along with trends and lusts!


Friday Fun

I know this is not exactly shoe related…but I couldn’t resist…plus dogs chew up shoes…that counts…and there is a brand of shoe called Hush Puppies.

Watch all the way to the end…too funny.!

Look, Ma, no socks!

Its January 12, 2012, in the heartland of America, Cleveland, Ohio, (Cleveland’s a plum, you know!)…and I am wearing no socks/stockings/nylons, and rocking the peep toes.  This time last year we were sliding our way to work on I-90 practically playing bumper cars and trying to escape parking bans on side streets at work.  And look, a year later-PEEP TOES!  Can you believe it…no ice, no snow, but let’s be honest, tomorrow is another day but let’s rejoice in today!

Maybe this weather will cycle back around and it will be sandal season in February?!?

I leave you with this happy image to brighten even your greyish day…

Christmas Dreams

All I want for Christmas is my dreams to be fulfilled.

1.  Cute snow boots that don’t look like Ewoks or space boots that keep my feet dry and warm…also, the non-cankle look would be wonderful.  I just bought these and I am torn, especially when Lord DB said, “I’ve seen better.”  Damn.  I even used two DSW reward certificates on them…great deal but does it outweigh the angst I will feel wearing them.  But I think its time to switch out the flip-floppers to walk the dogs in…Cleveland in December…ewwwww.  Yes, I know, they are not that cute but they were the best I could find.  Awww, man.  Torn.





2.  Brown FMBs…if you need that defined better – don’t ask.  Oh, you might as well throw in a pair of black ones.  And a pair of black knee-high boots that are flats.  C’mon, it’s a wish list.  These are just staples in everyones’ closet, so necessary, right?

3.  A puppy…why not?  Doesn’t everyone want a cute little puppy to pop out of a giftbox with a bright bow …ok, now is maybe not the time but little cuddly ears, puppy breathe, cuddles and little paws…awwwww.  I won’t even be selective with the breed…just cute.




4.  A healthy New Year…nuff said.

5.  Success at the new job…quite comical and hardworking here…I like it.

I am sure I could add to it but these are the basics for this 21st day of December.

Peas on Earth and Goodwill to All!

Thankful Thursday

Since it’s not just a Thursday in November (or October, eh?) to give thanks on!

Gratitude :

The quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness.
  1. Neosporin with pain relief-sure it helps facial blemishes while moisturizing and cuts as demonstrated on the commercials but the way it works for blisters is amazing. Slap on a little neosporin and a small bandaid…life is good.  No pain and its healing.
  2. Fall weather that gives you a chance to wear all your light weight sweaters which then lends way to wearing beautiful boots with jeans.  All in all perfect weather, thank you, Cleveland for today, unless you start raining then I am taking my gratitude back.**
  3. Purchases at DSW in store or online that give you free stuff all while earning points: Free Rumer black tote for members with a $39.95 purchase which would then qualify you for free shipping.  Must be a member but most are, right?
  4. Good friends from years past that still make you feel warm and fuzzy inside with the ability to pick up right where we left off…with the added bonus of being shoe & puppy lovers, too, i.e. My Cuban Chick!
  5. Weekends away that make you appreciate how comfortable your bed truly is!
  6. Marshalls (much like Ross and TJ Maxx) has an amazing shoe collection with pretty good prices-check there now for boots!
  7. that gives you pics like this:

**I wrote this before it started raining…I take that back, Cleveland, your weather is dreary today.  Might as well move back to Seattle!

Thankful Thursday

We should all give thanks for a lot in our lives and not just on a certain Thursday in November.

Here is a list of extremely important things that I appreciate beyond words:

1.  How Pandora and Hotmail know me well enough to  show shoes from Guess and ads in the margins.

2.  Beagle ears and eyes…remember Pound Puppies…nuff said.

3.  My feet are the perfect size for wearing 6.5, 7, and 7.5 shoes…great selection, especially in clearance sections.

4.  Sunny days with a brisk temperature like 60 or so.

5.  Affordable cute and hot shoes…who can actually afford Manolos?

6.  Reality TV that helps me feel superior but still makes me laugh.

We can only be said to be alive in those moments when our hearts are conscious of our treasures. ~ Thornton Wilder