No Socks Tuesday

So, can you believe its the end of Feb in NE Ohio, and we aren’t wearing socks…Thurday may even be a flip-flopper day unless you stick to the Cleveland adage of no pedicures during the winter…quick make an appointment!


Go ahead, judge my shoes away…at least they are a bit stylish for flats with the redeeming buckle detail and a trendy grey color?  Right?  Who am I kidding…I need some pointy toed flats!


Thankful Thursday

Since its just not a Turkey Day Celebration, lets give a little thanks for the little things in life that we are appreciative of.

1.  The crunch of leaves under your boots…we are not discussing the raking of said leaves.

2.  Pandora Radio online to make the workday fly by a little faster with your own stations.

3.  Good fitting pair of comfort shoes to wear to the airport and to make a long day just a bit easier.  See ya soon, Milwaukee.  Don’t be jealous.

4.  Thankful for so many options when searching for winter/snow boots…they aren’t as ugly as I remember them from childhood.  Endless and DSW have some great options, as well, as Amazon.

5.  Dr. Scholl’s In-Soles for High Heels – make standing just a bit easier.  Find them at Walgreens or CVS, or your local drugstore.

6.  Pedicures…Its been quite a bit of time since my last one since its now a luxury but I dream of one just for the relaxation and pretty-ifying part.  Plus makes your peep toe shoes all the better.  If you go to the Opi Website you can even see all the colors before you get to the salon.  Whoever names those nail polishes is a genius-even with Muppet Colors, i.e., Warm & Fozie, Rainbow Connection.

Now, these aren’t exactly snow boots!

Happy November, Everybody!