Back in Heels

So, I know its been quite some time but I have been not been too worried about my own shoes but rather shoes more like this:

and like these:

Lord DB and I welcomed a laid back little boy nicknamed Squirmy D in June.  And I finally think I am ready to trade in my comfy flip-flops for high heels so again I will be instilling my shoe wisdom on you along with trends and lusts!


A Local Find – Ryan Haber

Reading through the Cleveland Plain Dealer today online and stumble upon this new shoe designer, Ryan Haber.  Not only local but ah-mazing.  He has already designed for several celebrities and has limited quantities on his website beginning in March.

Check him out…he has beauties like this:

or these:

Haber might give the old standbys a run for his money-edgy enough to catch your eye, but not too out there where you will be on the worst dressed list cause of your idiot shoes.

Check out his website and the awesome article in the PD.  Homegrown shoes…awesome.

Look, Ma, no socks!

Its January 12, 2012, in the heartland of America, Cleveland, Ohio, (Cleveland’s a plum, you know!)…and I am wearing no socks/stockings/nylons, and rocking the peep toes.  This time last year we were sliding our way to work on I-90 practically playing bumper cars and trying to escape parking bans on side streets at work.  And look, a year later-PEEP TOES!  Can you believe it…no ice, no snow, but let’s be honest, tomorrow is another day but let’s rejoice in today!

Maybe this weather will cycle back around and it will be sandal season in February?!?

I leave you with this happy image to brighten even your greyish day…