Back in Heels

So, I know its been quite some time but I have been not been too worried about my own shoes but rather shoes more like this:

and like these:

Lord DB and I welcomed a laid back little boy nicknamed Squirmy D in June.  And I finally think I am ready to trade in my comfy flip-flops for high heels so again I will be instilling my shoe wisdom on you along with trends and lusts!


Words of the Wise


“Sometimes comfort doesn’t matter. When a shoe is freakin’ fabulous, it may be worth a subsequent day of misery. Soak in Epsom salts and take comfort in the fact that you’re better than everyone else.”    ―      Clinton Kelly

Purple Rain…

So, it was a rainy December in Seattle, and my beautiful Cuban Chic and I were out shopping for clothes and shoes to wear out for a fancy evening with the husbands to view the Nutcracker and nice dinner downtown.  We spent hours upon hours searching and scoured the entire Southcenter complex in search of purple high heels that I NEEDED.  Not sure why, but we weren’t leaving without purple shoes of some sort.  After a couple of Starbucks stops later, I finally found my purpleys and purchased them.

Worn proudly to the viewing of the Nutcracker and to our great dinner…I doubt it my Cuban Chic has any idea the purple storm this started.  My obsession came slow at first but it has bloomed into full-blown purple fanaticism and has become my favorite of colors.

Just ask Lord DB about my Purple Rain coat…its straight from the 80’s and it’s the perfect royal purple color.  Its fantastic and I am obsessed so much he deemed it “Purple Rain.”  My collection of purple is still small but is growing constantly and I sure as hell know if I see purple shoes again, they will be mine!

How Shoes make you Thin!

Ok, not thin, but lean looking…

One the best ways to get a nice lean and long look starts with a great pair of high heel shoes.  Sure all those lunges, stepper hours, and elliptical nonsense helps, but here is a quick fix…even those with cankles.  Plus the self-confidence factor – helping you walk the walk and talk the talk. If you get a great pair of heels, you will get that sexy, lean, Giselle-like calf look – so celebrate your Shoe Year’s resolution with a great pair of heels and the gym (of course).

Oh, the Temptation

These are indeed drool-worthy.  Forever have I been looking for a beautiful blue pump and one with s-strap – plus on sale from

Whew…I hope I can control myself, or talk myself into the them.  Oh, the inner turmoil is overwhelming.  C’mon, these shoes are very versatile, beautiful color, will stay on with the strap, gret heel height, and only $30 on sale.  Michael Antonio’s Lux Platform Pump in Navy…it would be that pop of color without being obnoxious and loud.  A subtle pop, if you will.

Choices, decisions, choices, decisions…what say you?

NYE Need

The perfect sparkly shoes are a necessity for NYE-granted Lord DB and I are keeping it low key this year and enjoying some quiet downtime, you could still rock these out.

Its classic sparkle…gold glitter, black bow accent, peeper toe, and a perfectly sculpted heel to dance the night away…or just to stand and hold your drink at the bar while trying to maintain sober balance and look kewl at the same time…its your holiday – make it what you want – just add some glitter and stir.

Thank you, Miu Miu, for crafting these beauties out of the finest of gold.

Or if gold isn’t your thing…try a sparkly silver accent from Rachel Roy-which I promise will be like a glitter cloud for your foot.  Plus a little more sensible with no exposed toes for the drunken fools at the party to step all over your pedicure.

No matter what you do for this celebration…add a little sparkle on your feet…and make all the other loser shoes jealous!