Boots…its almost time

Its that time of year…start assessing your boots.  Fall is the perfect time to pull them back out after your summer hiatus!  Riding boots, knee highs, thigh highs if you dare, and whatever else tickles your fancy!  Since my knee high staples look like they have been through a garbage disposal from months of wear and tear last year…I am scoping out these:





Plus since its back to school time…lots of great sales!  And while you are out checking out boots, take advantage on end of summer clearance shoes…never too early to get cracking on next year’s sandals and wedges!  The clearance price will let you try out trends with out getting too expensive…


Back in Heels

So, I know its been quite some time but I have been not been too worried about my own shoes but rather shoes more like this:

and like these:

Lord DB and I welcomed a laid back little boy nicknamed Squirmy D in June.  And I finally think I am ready to trade in my comfy flip-flops for high heels so again I will be instilling my shoe wisdom on you along with trends and lusts!

Heel I Am

So I have been MIA (a fact Lord DB has pointed out) for a bit but life got crazy…but something caught my eye today, in fact I might have been caught drooling a bit, too, and I had to share.

Of all places-JCPenney has these…Worthington® Kairo Patent Cutout Peep-Toe Pumps.  I especially love the side cutouts…makes them all the more sek-si.

Don’t be scared off by the green color-more versatile than one would imagine-jeans, black pants, cropped pants, skirts…and don’t get too matchy matchy either like try to match the green flowered dress…these need to be the focal point of your entire outfit-basic black dress and these beauties!

Now to figure out when to go get them….


No Socks Tuesday

So, can you believe its the end of Feb in NE Ohio, and we aren’t wearing socks…Thurday may even be a flip-flopper day unless you stick to the Cleveland adage of no pedicures during the winter…quick make an appointment!


Go ahead, judge my shoes away…at least they are a bit stylish for flats with the redeeming buckle detail and a trendy grey color?  Right?  Who am I kidding…I need some pointy toed flats!

Tis the Season of Shoes

Hey, get out to your local DSW, Kohls, Macys, etc., lots of new shoes put on clearance as the spring collections come in.  Seize the day and the moment and build up your closets on a budget-don’t you have a tax refund to be out spending?

Also, don’t be fooled by the online prices and selection…always differs from the store which means options, options, options especially on boots!

Like these from Macys which are about 35% off now and can only go down.  But caution, if you get too attached and you wait too long for the price to drop, you run the risk of losing out on your size.