Ahhhh, More Wet Feets

So, apparently winter in Cleveland this year is going to be rain, rain, and more rain…might as well move back to Seattle at this point.  At least I had a mountain to look at.  I am thoroughly over the wet feet phenomenon and sick of ruining cute shoes if I even risk wearing them.

Here are some tips for saving your nice leathers shoes (harder with the fun colored shoes)

  1. Assess the water damage. Take your shoes off immediately. Remove shoelaces. If  the shoes are only partially wet, dampen the entire shoe to eliminate the  possibility of a waterline.
  2. Remove winter salt stains. If salt and dirt stains are present on the wet leather, mix equal parts of water and vinegar and lightly sponge shoes. Wipe shoes down with clean white cloth before drying. If untreated, salt stains can  become permanent and not all that attractive…but then again, you may have to buy some new shoes…oh, the agony.
  3. Stuff shoes to remove wetness trapped inside. Insert paper towels or old socks into the wet shoes.
  4. Wet leather shoes require 24 hours to dry completely. If still not dry, put more dry stuffing in and put over the vent of the heater-if its like my house it isn’t that warm and the short cycle of ‘warmth’ may speed up the process.

Or you can just buy some cute rain boots, and if that still doesn’t work, move to Florida or a tropical place.


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