Christmas Dreams

All I want for Christmas is my dreams to be fulfilled.

1.  Cute snow boots that don’t look like Ewoks or space boots that keep my feet dry and warm…also, the non-cankle look would be wonderful.  I just bought these and I am torn, especially when Lord DB said, “I’ve seen better.”  Damn.  I even used two DSW reward certificates on them…great deal but does it outweigh the angst I will feel wearing them.  But I think its time to switch out the flip-floppers to walk the dogs in…Cleveland in December…ewwwww.  Yes, I know, they are not that cute but they were the best I could find.  Awww, man.  Torn.





2.  Brown FMBs…if you need that defined better – don’t ask.  Oh, you might as well throw in a pair of black ones.  And a pair of black knee-high boots that are flats.  C’mon, it’s a wish list.  These are just staples in everyones’ closet, so necessary, right?

3.  A puppy…why not?  Doesn’t everyone want a cute little puppy to pop out of a giftbox with a bright bow …ok, now is maybe not the time but little cuddly ears, puppy breathe, cuddles and little paws…awwwww.  I won’t even be selective with the breed…just cute.




4.  A healthy New Year…nuff said.

5.  Success at the new job…quite comical and hardworking here…I like it.

I am sure I could add to it but these are the basics for this 21st day of December.

Peas on Earth and Goodwill to All!


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