A Shoe-volution

So, Monday was my first official day with my new job – very exciting, huh? And you know you have to look nice, professional yet approachable mixed with a bit of intimidation on your first day. I remember from my interview that it was not a very dressed up company so I choose my charcoal grey pants with an ivory sweater with a some lace inlay around the neckline…topped it off with the old standbys Red Pumps…I looked hot to trot. I walked in…EVERYONE had jeans on.

Um, oops, overdressed…but you know what I don’t care. I knew I looked professional and ready to work. I have continued to dress up and maybe I will start a revolution of clothes…none of this jeans daily crap…plus mine don’t fit very well at the moment.

We are now on day four, and I am wearing some Steve Madden basic black heels…which means day four of fierce shoes…and FINALLY someone noticed. Its about damn time, people, let’s get a little classy here.

And quite frankly, I will continue to dress up…why, cause I can and I WILL. How else will everyone get to see me strut into my OWN office?


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