Another Conundrum

So yesterday in the mail I received my DSW rewards certificate for $10 off.

Here is the dilemma:  Do I do the responsible thing and purchase snow boots for the cold Cleveland winters – of which I never had even whilst living in Canada?  Or, do I buy something fun, exciting and completely necessary for happiness, like these:

So do I want sheer heel happiness or warm and dry feet?  Which would you choose?  I am currently leaning towards warm feet.  All while we lived in Canada, I wore these little green runners that literally weighed about 2 ounces and were made of mesh and stryofoam…it was out of sheer hatred for what snow boots looked like that I wouldn’t give in.  Sure I got grief from my coworkers, fellow public transportation riders, and just about everyone but at least I didn’t look like I had logs for feet!  There was even a girl at my Church who had Ewok-like boots…craze.

But now, I am finding many better options, like these…Ok, just kidding, not those, but seriously, like this…But are those really cold weather boots, nevermind…these boots all suck.  I am going to buy some meaningless pumps that make me feel good about myself.


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