Oh, the weekend is over…

So this was a working weekend for myself and I jetted off to Milwaukee, and like I said before do not be jealous too much!  I was staffing and organizing my office’s sessions, booth, and meetings which took up too much time and not enough for exploring the city at all.  Oh, well, I heard they had shoe stores there but I never made it to them.

Lets just say I don’t want to say too much but this conference was a breeding ground for ugly and atrocious footwear.  Just unspeakable injustice being done to feet all over the conference center…I think these women needed interventions but I didn’t know where to start so I tried to lead by example.  I wore cute grey flats and some sensible but fun black heels…and yes, I was the only one click-clacking through the weekend.

Poor, poor women…

Oh, and by the way, check out Jennifer Lopez’s shoeline at Kohls. Some really great platform heels with both peep toes and closed toes.  Worth checking out, I think, only saw the online so I am not sure about the comfort level yet.

Alright, good night, shew-sies!


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