Thankful Thursday

Since giving thanks is not just for a Thursday in November.

“Silent gratitude isn’t much use to anyone.”

Today I give thanks for a few random things:

1.  Shoe tip replacement…have you ever loved a pair of shoes, stepped between the cracks of a sidewalk and lost the tip which leaves you walking on a nail.  Super uncomfortable plus you click-clack even louder than ever…and watch for slippage on smooth surfaces-asking for trouble.  You can find these tip replacements online or your local shoe cobbler.  They come in different sizes, but the stiletto types are the easiest to find and replace.  All you need are replacement tips, a pair of pliers to pull the current screw out and a hammer/mallet to shove the new tip on, carefully, of course.  Easy, cheesy.  Try Amazon-they have packs of them for cheap…good investment, and makes you feel good about your handiness.

2.  Penguins in sweaters.  Nuff said.

3.  The leaves changing (not FALLING THOUGH, not thankful for that) and providing that beautiful autumn feel.

4.  Scarf season that gives you the ability for warmth, style and a pop of color.  Plus you can play off your shoes to give yourself that extra oompf.

Hope you have your own gratitudes as nothing is without thanks.


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