New Addition to the Family

Friday night was low-key for Lord DB and I…went out for pizza, tried not to fight this other family, got some free pizza cause our order was wrong and went to look at small kitchen tables.  We went to a couple of stores then Lord DB makes another turn and there is one of my Mecca’s:  DSW!  It was like taking a kid to a candy store, or a teenage boy to a dirty magazine shop.  He went to the mens side, I to the womens.  I was in search of brown pumps to replace my well-worn ones.  After a handful of try ons, I went back to check on him and he found a couple of pairs of browns himself.  He tried some on, strutted his stuff, and picked out a winner.  “Pick me out a winner, Bobby.”  That he did-very nice stuff.

He then inquires, “Did you find anything?”  Um, not here, silly boy, only about a dozen pairs.  It came down to a beautiful pair of Madden Girl deep red heels as I would naughty librarian shoes with the sex strap and all vs. a pair of Katie & Kelly Candy grey pumps also with the sex strap.  I know, I know – neither were brown but these were better.

The greys prevailed…we had input from an old friend we ran into and I was convinced.  Made our purchases, got my free, previously mentioned Rumer Tote, and went on our merry shoe way.

Of course I couldn’t wait long to wear these new treats…wore them to Church on Sunday with a black skirt and light grey sweater.  Amazingly comfortable while standing for about two hours…couldn’t believe it!  I may have found a new brand to lust over if all of their shoes are made like this!

Thank you, DSW, for this fabulous find!

And for those who may be asking what the sex strap is, it means they will stay on in all instances…ahem.



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