Choices, choices

So tomorrow my office has its annual benefit that is pretty much black tie which then by staff means a dress or a suit. I am opting for dress cause its easier and I won’t be a sweat monster running around.  Now for the shoes…do I make a statement and go extreme style with a beautiful black peep toe by Steve Madden but could make my arches fall after two hours and then face leg cramps overnight, do I go average and wear a simple black heel that mostly shouldn’t give me blisters but may or do I go safe and wear the dreaded, previously mentioned flats?  Geez, what a conundrum…I am at a loss, especially when the head organizer says, “I would tell you to wear comfortable shoes, but I know you better.”

Now I don’t want to let her down, right?  I better go crazy!

Well, I leave you with this cute pic!


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