The World is Flat

Well, ok, the world of shoes according to flats wear-ers.

Is there room in the world for flats?  Are there things as cute flats?  I am still undecided.

I have seen some uglies and some cute but not any knockouts that I drool over, however, then you have to think in relation to comfort and ease.  It is such a conundrum and inner battle I have.  I do wear flats but I only have three pairs which are just hum-drum average flats and go well with black pants or jeans.  I have yet to find a pair I am truly in love with.  Perhaps if I could break the heel off of some nice stilettos I would fall in love with flats.

Another issue with flats-are they flattering?  I find they do nothing for the leg line, especially on someone of my height which is 5’3, ok, so 5’2 1/2 but can’t you round-up a bit?  I can tell you on girls with cankles or thicker thighs, not so much. Usually on girls that should be wearing skinny jeans (you know who should and shouldn’t by now) they look cute and put together, and then there is the girl who is perpetually afraid of heels and this is the best option for them.

So which way do you lean?  Are you bi-shoe-al or strictly heels or flats?

See these are decent but not awesome.  Get the job done…oh, the inner turmoil.


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