Tuesday’s Tippy Toes

Time to spread the news about a product that is a lifesaver, or rather, a foot saver.

Dr. Scholls Foot Softening Balm is ah-mazing.  It’s perfect for those in between pedicure times and, of course, cheaper than some little person scrapping the soles of your feet while in a fit of giggling cause you are overly ticklish…I mean, seriously embarrassing but amusing to all around except for me as I am squirming, laughing and crying at the same time but I digress.

This foot cream is awesome and comes without the medicinal smell that some have.  The container I have has lasted awhile as I you don’t need much since its pretty thick lotion.  I have used it for years for sandpaper heels from wearing flip-floppers to dry, cracked heels from the winter. Sometimes I put it on then put on socks to lock in the moisture and in the morning, lo and behold soft heels.

I have found this product also works great on my cuticles and hangnails along with dry knees and elbows…equal opportunity, right?


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