A Stand-Off

As mentioned earlier, I attend Church a lot being that I am of the Orthodox Christian persuasion for over 6 years now.  Its deep-rooted in tradition which I love and embrace.  We do go to Church more than the average bear but I find solace and comfort in being a part of these services with our fellow Orthodoxi.  Pascha is the most important feast in the Eastern Orthodox calendar, better known as Easter.  It is preceded by Lent and ends with a week of celebration that starts at late at night on the day of Pascha.  Some may call Lent God’s Boot Camp, ok, so I call it that, but whatever…what I am trying to say is we spend a lot of time there during the ‘season’.

Pascha is a dressy occassion…bring out your Sunday best.  The first Pascha we celebrated in Ottawa was true to form with the lady-folk in dresses and the men dressed very dapper.  I, of course, have heels on (see below).  Did I forget to mention that the Pascha service last no less than 3 hours (maybe longer)?  Generally you stand, but of course its understandable that you can sit if need be.  Communion comes around and I am having an internal debate about whether to sit or not…one girl came up to me and said, “My family is so impressed you are still standing in those heels!  We are seeing how long you can last.”  Oh, reallllllllly……thanks as now you have created a competition!  I finished up the service standing and marched proudly out, which I am sure was very Christian-like.

The following Pascha – I have a point to prove with my heel prowess.  The taller the heel, the more painful they look, the better the competition.  Impressed they were…got the whole family on board.  Wouldn’t be surprised if they were taking bets!  Oh, and I won!  Duh…of course despite the blood, sweat, blisters and tears.

Now since we have moved back to the States, I continue the competition even if it’s all in my mind…ok, so maybe Golden Flash Lavelle can be a witness to the last two years.



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