Shoe Shop

So as not to be a shoe fraud, I will try to impart some wisdom on you!

Purchasing shoes can exhaust you, that is for sure, just not as discouraging as clothes shopping.  The amount of options, the price, the pros and cons of style, heel height, toe box size and fit…I could go on but I am at work and I should probably focus on that, whelp, maybe.

Anyways here are some of the best shoe shops available that I have found-both online and real-life store:

1.  Amazing selection and great search options plus free two-day shipping and free returns…don’t tell anyone else but sometimes the shoes show up overnight.  It is powered by Amazon and I have an excellent customer service with easy to understand helpful associates!  Seems like people post reviews often so that is helpful, too.  Overall I would rate this 5 stars especially with many affordable options!

2.  Good social media with them for sure with their twitta and fb.  Selection is good but seem a little overpriced.  They used to have free overnight shipping but I think it’s just regular free ground shipping.  They have had a lot of negative comments lately about people’s shipments showing up and that customer service is a bit lacking.  It seems that the older generation use this one most often (from my experience).  I would recommend them only if you find something you truly love.

3.  DSW and  Amazing in store selection of women’s/mens and clearance section plus nothing better than watching your husband sniffing every shoes looking for the fake leather ones-its kinda his thing being a shoe whore himself.  In store has better prices since they go by a color coded percentage off the listed price.  The selection at the physical store offers a broad range of shoes, very clean in appearance and decent enough customer service.  By customer service, I mean, there is someone always at the checkout but the people roaming seem very disinterested-think teenagers.  Great deals and if you sign up they will send you a birthday coupon…plus they have a points system to earn you money off.  The website is not as easy to search as Endless but nevertheless great selection.  Free two-day shipping if the total is over $35 and free returns.

4. / / etc…any of these new celebrity sites that offer all shoes for $39.99 and free shipping.  Sounds like a good deal at first but your selection is limited, sizing is limited and once you have made a purchase you are enrolled in a shoe club where they will automatically ship/charge you if you don’t say no by a certain day.  Think jelly of the month (who doesn’t love some good jelly) or book clubs, etc. where stuff just shows up on your doorstep and you have to decide to pay it or send it back.  Could be good in theory but could get cumbersome to keep track of.

Do you recommend any places?  Anyone ever use or direct from the designer sites like Nine West?

I will leave you with today’s lust that I kinda in love with but not sure why…kinda delicious…hmmmm.


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