Tippy Toes

Tips for purchasing high heels:

1.  Realize you are different size in different brands.  Or even different sizes in the same brand.  TRY THEM ON!

2.  Try shoes on at the end of the day-this gives you an idea of your real size after a typical day.

3.  Look for high heels that have a layer of rubber on the bottom.  Now I know this is not always possible since some of the cute ones have that nice red or hot pink color on the bottom.  Just be cognizant of the rubber preventing slippage.  There is nothing like going to Church and slipping on the marble after Communion in front of everyone.

4.  Don’t spend a lot on trendy shoes as these will be out of style within a few months (same goes for clothes, but I am not an expert in that department).  Think of the classics as an investment.

5.  When in doubt ask the salesperson’s opinion!


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