An Unfortunate Snap

Back to my investigator days…

I had to go out and interview everyone from employers to social contacts to school contacts to random neighbors.  Neighborhood visits always made for an interesting time whether its finding that one old lady in the neighborhood who watches everyone and everything to the weirdo neighbors who tell you about themselves and not the subject of your interview plus you never know whose door you are knocking on.  It was always fun to find that person who you take by surprise and answers the door in a towel, or the person you have just woken up.  These provided great humor for yourself and everyone you told.

One sunny day I was completing some neighborhood visits and I happened upon the neighbor who knew everything and for once, it was not a little blue haired old lady but rather a middle-aged day trader who worked from home.  This was in Puyallup, WA, and all I wanted to do finish up and head home before I hit any Friday traffic heading North.  When I interviewed neighbors, I generally stood on the doorstep for safety reasons, but I was always wiggling in my shoes for some reason, some would say like fidgety feet.  This day I was of course wiggling away asking my questions, and snap…the ankle strap on my shoes just breaks.  What the hell…I kinda teeter a bit to left but maintain balance and act like nothing happened.  I am pretty sure the guy doesn’t notice, but now I am thinking how the hell am I going to walk in these shoes, where the hell am I going to find some new shoes to finish up my day, dammit.  The interview ends and I saying my thanks and giving my card, and the guy asks if I need some help with my shoe.  Oh, so you did notice, hmmm, I suppose I could use some help.   He runs back into his house, and comes out with a stapler…a Swingline, in fact, and takes my shoe, staples the strap back onto the shoe and a miracle occurred.  Its fixed…whatta guy, like MacGyver.

I am indebted to that guy and not only that, he learned me a lesson, when in doubt staple.  If you look carefully at some of my shoes, you will see staples in them.  What a life saver!


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