A Taste of Fame

A few years ago, Lord DB and I lived in Canada, ehhhh, and its time to tell you aboot my brush with fame.  Working at the US Embassy in Ottawa, I was a Visa Clerk…our normal clientele ranged from the three Singing Sikhs all dressed alike, puffer coats included, to Nigerian priests coming to preach, to Chinese students applying to go to school and become Americanized beyond recognition.  Occasionally, we had the recognizable applicants such as Cleveland Cavs players, Cirque Soleil performers, some guy from some Prince Caspian movie.  Generally, beforehand we would get word that these ‘higher ups’ were coming in and we could arrange for easier timing, attentive service, etc., and one of these cases just happened to be the Young Brothers from AC/DC…kinda exciting and very recognizable names.  Usually these types would come and there would be some buzz but for AC/DC people actually brought cameras so it had to be a big deal, plus Canada just got AC/DC’s music up there so I am sure it was even more exciting (I heard they are just getting word of Britney Spears up there-very exciting time for them).

So, my window is the first window they come to at the Visa Section and wow, who is the huge guy, oh, its their manager, and who are these two little fellas behind him.  No freaking way, AC/DC is only 5 feet tall and probably  90 lbs soaking wet, I don’t believe it!  Amazing camera angles from stage scenes, I tell ya.

So I am only 5’3″ and I had little green heels on so maybe 5’5″ at the most and I never in my life felt so tall!  So of course, I had to take pics with them to prove their height.  And probably at their height, they got a nice view of beloved greens.

Did you know they were this short?  I sure didn’t but then again, I never knew Def Leppard was British until we went to their concert a month ago.  Sheltered, I tell ya.

So here is a picture of my beloved greens with every scratch and memory plus AC/DC (wish you can see the shoes but alas crappy camera work with Hans sumbs).


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