Finally, the Red Shoes

SO, I have been teasing you with these red shoes that got everything started so here they are and one of my favorite adventures in them.

After this life changing shopping trip with Lord DB where my beauties were purchased along with some new ‘ready for the real world, career suits’, I decided to wear my reds.  I mean boys love red heads, girls love red shoes, right?    I was currently employed in my first career job right out of college as a background investigator for the govt, you impressed…good, you should be.  My subject of the current case was in the Navy stationed at Bangor Sub Base outside Seattle and finally I was able to.  He told me was only available for two days as the USS Pennsylvania (I think, at least I know it was a state that I was familiar with) was shipping out for a tour of duty.  Ok, sure I will be there tomorrow otherwise your security clearance will be on hold for at least 6 months.

So I put on my grey suit with a white shirt and my beauties, and after doing a few other things on base head down to our meeting point.  I park and continue following the directions which were to follow the dirt road downhill towards the water, show my badge and enter the gate and follow the boardwalk into the barn from there I would be directed.  So, I enter the gate, flash my badge officially and start down the boardwalk…quite the process.  I begin to notice Marines (as my husband is one and they are quite recognizable) who are armed and wonder why they are on the Navy base…oh, well, better get to my interview.  Continuing on, I find what appears to be a huge barn over the water.  Oh, they must be doing maintenance on the sub before they deploy, ok.  I find my way inside, ask for the guy, and am escorted on board, I know right – how cool am I and thank my lucky stars I remembered to wear pants!  Oh, but the red heels, oh, well, I used to work on a ‘steamship’ I can navigate these ladders easily enough without embarrassing myself.  So I head down, complete my interviews for this case, and am out of there within 2 hours tops.  I head topside and begin walking across the sub to leave when everything is called to a halt.

A bell went off and everyone, I mean EVERYONE stopped.  What the hell?  I look to my escort and he just puts a finger to his lips.  I look up and see what is a huge gray tube, when I mean huge, I mean like several cars lengths long being swung out above the sub.  The deafening silence continues and then the crane begins beeping in what I assume is a signal of lowering.  I again look to my escort for guidance…”Ma’am, you have to be quiet while they are loading the missile.”  Um, what?  What the hell am I doing here?  Who gets to do this?  Wow-za, this is the real time.  I look around and see all the cami, uniforms and official personnel, look down at myself and think, “Wow, I am just a civilian who gets to see this and here I am standing here in little red high heels.”  Finally, the finish up and can leave.  I am shaking with excitement at what I just saw, and the craziness of the whole thing.  As I walk back to my car, I finally realize why the Marines are there at least.  Truly one of my favorite memories of my job and time in Seattle.  Amazing how cool that was!


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