Tippy Toes

Today’s Tip:

So years ago when we lived ‘overseas’ in Canada, I watched a coworker put deodorant on her feet…what the hell was that about so I inquired.  It wasn’t deodorant it was Body Glide-ok, not that kind, I swear.  It looks like deodorant but its better!  I believe runners use it for long races and to save their nips.  Just rub it on your feet and it alleviates chaffing, rubbing, blistering, etc., all while moisturizing.  Its a dream plus one stick lasts forever!

Find it at drugstore.com and its worth it!  Plus you can find smaller sizes and carry it in your purse-seriously dreamy.  I would recommend that you don’t try it with regular, hum drum flip flops as while you walk you will just slide all over the place.  And before you know you are flat on your arse at in the gas station parking lot…trust me, it could happen.




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