Stalking for some shoessss

Lust is defined as a passionate or overmastering desire or craving.  Have you have ever experienced this over material objects?  Of course, its human nature, who hasn’t?  My object of lust is apparently shoes…perhaps go as far as an addiction.

Case in point…walking into the grocery on Memorial Day and you see this normal enough looking girl and her boyfriend looking at Hoops & YoYo card (yeah, I know Wee Scone, Hoops & YoYo!).  So, I stop get my bananas for banana pudding and the couple is now behind me picking out tomatoes…I prepare to glare as they are invading my personal space when…oh, what the heck is that?  Only the most perfect shoe I have seen in ages…look out produce dept, there will be drool.  The most beautiful grey, green paisley with a black wedge.  And next thing they are gone and I soon find myself stalking her around the store to work up enough nerve to ask where she purchased these beauties.  I see them a few more times but chicken out cause what if they think I am some crazy old lady who is just being weird…so I give up, and head to the checkout.

After a few days of searching online for ‘paisley wedges’ and ‘green paisley shoes,’ I give up.  They don’t exist and I try to forget about them but I can’t they are simply too perfect.  But alas, woe is me, right.  So fast forward about 2 months and I am meeting Sarah, the Real Chosen One, for pedicures and we meet in DSW.  After a few minutes of trying on hussie shoes, you know the ones with zippers, straps and laces all in on that make you 6 inches taller, I turn the corner and my life is changed in an instant.  The most perfect wedge I have always been looking for…ok, looking for two months for.  Its amazing and glorious, quite like a double rainbow, I suspect.  I must have them…only two sizes left, hmmm, I bet an eight will fit…not so much, but you know what, I don’t care…it will be worth the tripping and stumbling out of just for paisleys.  Plus I had a birthday coupon, a sale price, and my nice smile and the beauties ring up to $18…could it get better?  So here they are…yes, those are heel pads in the back but still big and yes, still worth it!  And no, you may not have them…and they have adventures already…work, Church, BW3, Target…apparently paisleys get around.


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