Life’s Lessons from Shoes

Yes, I swear this is possible.  I have been an avid shoe whore since 2004 and I have grown, loved, and expanded my tastes through the past few years.  Its also been true that I wear shoes to get a reaction out of people…trust me it works.  There is a one guy at my Church (you will notice through my blog I go to Church a lot but it will not be thaaaaat kind of blog) who looks to see if I have purchased any new kicks within the last week.  Sometimes I feel as though I have let him down if I have worn them repeatedly but I do have my favorites.

Through my exploration of all things shoes I have learned a few life lessons…its true and extremely applicable.

  1.  You always remember your first love.  I have had the same red high heels and they will forever be my favorites no matter how beat up they get.  And in turn, I will always remember my first love fondly despite the failing of our relationship.  An incredible experience that inspired and taught me about my future relationships.
  2. Grin and bear the pain…eventually it will get better.  We have all tried to break in shoes and suffer, I mean, really suffer through the pain to get to the joy and comfort on the other side.  Can’t say I haven’t found real world applications for this notion, I mean, c’mon, we have all been in situations that we just put up with and eventually its gets better.  Keep smiling…eventually it becomes a true smile.
  3.  Everything is fixable (except death).  There is a old shoe cobbler in every city who will for a reasonable price fix everything on your beloved shoes.  My motto at work is unless you killed someone, its fixable.  Might take a bit of work but in the end everything works out.  I swear by this!

Above is today’s lust…not sure where I would wear them but I believe I need them just in case…


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